Network Security Checklist


The threat landscape for enterprise security is always changing and requires constant adaptation. The latest evolutionary demands for corporate networks include the cloud and remote work—environments where the old hub-and-spoke approach is less than ideal. Cloud-based network security is purpose-built to secure resources wherever they reside.

Cloud-Based Network Security in Brief

Zero Trust Security

Zero Trust means only permitting access to those who require it and continually verifying that each
person is meeting pre-determined access policies. Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) secures company
resources at the application level employing standard logins and MFA authorization, as well as at the devicelevel utilizing posture checks, and context-based
permissions such as time of day and location.


Firewall-as-a-Service works with ZTNA to prevent anyone from accessing resources without an authorized identity such as a specific user, group, or originating IP address. Just like on-premises firewalls, FWaaS defends against unwanted entry into company resources and networks.


A Secure Web Gateway (SWG) protects company employees while web browsing. It prevents outbound traffic from accessing restricted content such as gambling sites, as well as known or suspected malicious file destinations. It also scans inbound traffic for malicious web content.

High-performance connectivity

A network security solution should be responsive and provide a smooth user experience. To enable this, the solution should ideally be cloud-based with points-of-presence (PoPs) distributed throughout the globe. Companies can then choose PoPs in locations near their employees, for better responsiveness and connectivity rather than backhauling traffic through physical data centers.


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