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The Network Penetration Testing course covers a comprehensive range of topics to enhance the security skills of IT professionals. It includes both basic and advanced concepts of Network Security and Organizational Infrastructure. The course structure is flexible, making it accessible even to individuals with limited technical knowledge.

The duration of the course is 30 to 40 hours, providing in-depth training on various aspects of network security. Participants will learn about TCP/IP Packet Analysis, Network Traffic Analysis, Penetration Testing Framework using Kali Linux, Packet Analysis with Tshark, Live System Detection, and Analysis, among others.

Additionally, the course delves into specific areas such as FTP Penetration Testing, SSH Penetration Testing, Telnet Penetration Testing, SMTP Penetration Testing, DNS & DHCP Penetration Testing, NetBIOS & SMB Penetration Testing, and more. Each module covers essential techniques like Banner Grabbing, Brute Force & Password Cracking, Port Redirection, User Enumeration, and various attack methods.

The training emphasizes hands-on experience, providing practical sessions and real-time exposure to network security threats. Participants will receive post-training assistance, backup sessions, and a certificate of participation upon completion. The course aims to equip individuals with the necessary skills to identify and mitigate network vulnerabilities effectively.

Ignite Technologies, a renowned entity in offensive security training and services, offers this course to a wide range of professionals, including college students, IT specialists, network security officers, system administrators, and IT security specialists. The course materials include recorded videos, course PDFs, and access to famous website links for additional content and tools.

For more information and enrollment, interested individuals can contact Ignite Technologies via phone, WhatsApp, email, or visit their website, blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, or GitHub profiles. The course provides a valuable opportunity to enhance cybersecurity knowledge, gain practical skills, and advance in the field of network security.

This extended summary provides an overview of the Network Penetration Testing course, highlighting its comprehensive curriculum, hands-on training approach, target audience, benefits, and contact information for Ignite Technologies.


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