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National Cybersecurity Strategy

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The National Cybersecurity Strategy in Saudi Arabia aims to enhance cybersecurity measures in alignment with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and the evolving digital landscape. Developed with a comprehensive methodology, the strategy focuses on key principles such as whole-of-nation alignment, centralized governance, and prioritization based on risk level. It addresses the increasing cybersecurity risks posed by the digital economy, the fourth industrial revolution, and emerging technologies like 5G and IoT.

The strategy emphasizes the importance of securing the national digital infrastructure to drive growth and prosperity in Saudi Arabia. It highlights the need to protect networks, IT systems, and critical infrastructure from cyber threats to safeguard services and data. The National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) spearheaded the strategy’s development to guide the implementation of key initiatives outlined in Royal Decree No. 6801, aiming to strike a balance between enhancing cybersecurity, boosting confidence, and contributing to the Kingdom’s economic advancement.

To establish a practical model for cybersecurity domains, a reference model was created based on national and international best practices and current cybersecurity challenges. This model comprises six dimensions and 18 cybersecurity elements, guiding the analysis of the Kingdom’s cybersecurity landscape and benchmarking against 20 nations with mature cybersecurity capabilities. By unifying, managing, and assuring the cybersecurity framework, Saudi Arabia aims to fortify technical defenses, secure critical linkages, and support the growth of its digital economy.

The strategy’s strategic goals encompass risk management, national standards and controls, encryption, digital identities, awareness and outreach, infrastructure assurance, human capital management, and research and development. Through monitoring, coordination, incident response, and partnerships, Saudi Arabia seeks to enhance its cybersecurity posture, mitigate threats, and foster innovation in the cybersecurity domain.

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