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Multi-Factor Authentication Evaluation Guide

Consider the following criteria when evaluating different multi-factor authentication solutions:

Security Impact

Can your solution protect against unauthorized access and provide visibility of users and devices in your environment? How effectively does the solution reduce the risk of a data breach? Can your solution provide access control for managed and unmanaged devices? Does your solution alert you to unusual or
suspicious login activities?

Strategic Business Initiatives

Is your solution compatible with other business initiatives such as enabling remote work or onboarding cloud applications? Does it fulfill compliance requirements?

Total Cost of Ownership

Does your solution provide upfront value, or incur hidden costs to your organization? Can it work with modern and legacy systems? Can the solution help consolidate multiple siloed tools?

Time to Value

How quickly can you get the solution up and running in your environment?

Required Resources

What kind of resources are required to deploy and provision users? Is the solution architected to reduce ongoing administration tasks?

These are some of the big questions you want to ask to find out if an MFA solution is truly the best solution for your business. Let’s dig in deeper into these questions.


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