Modern Malware for Dummies


Modern malware has transformed into highly sophisticated network applications and has, in the process,
changed the world of enterprise security and how networks are attacked. These threats are experts at remaining hidden from traditional security while exhibiting an intelligence, resiliency, and scale that has never before been seen in malware. Controlling these threats will require multiple security
disciplines. While no single solution will solve the problem of networked malware on its own, the next-generation firewall provides the unique visibility and control of, and the true integration of, threat-prevention disciplines needed to find and stop these threats — both known and unknown.

About This Book
This book provides an in-depth examination of real-world attacks and modern malware threats, the shortcomings of legacy security solutions, the capabilities of next-generation firewalls, and security best practices.

Foolish Assumptions
First and foremost, despite the title of this book, we assume that you know a little something about network security and Internet-based threats. We know, it’s a bit of an oxymoron, but “Modern Malware For Geniuses” just isn’t that catchy! As such, this book is written primarily for technical readers who
are evaluating potential new security solutions to address modern malware threats.


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