Microsoft Security – Passwordless protection


Today, IT security is moving toward passwordless authentication using advanced technologies like biometric verification and public/private key cryptography. Open standards like W3C WebAuthn and Fast IDentity Online 2 (FIDO2) CTAP2 are enabling passwordless authentication across platforms. These standards are intended to replace passwords with authenticator devices that are easy to use and may take advantage of investments you’ve already made—such as laptops, smartphones, fingerprint scanners, and cameras with facial recognition.

Password replacement options can help organizations offer convenience and ease of use without high security risks. With passwordless authentication, you can have an authentication ecosystem that meets the organizational needs of high security and privacy, usability, and interoperability among several authentication devices.

In the future, we should rarely have to deal with passwords in our day-to-day lives—especially at work.
For enterprise security and IT departments, implementing intuitive sign-in user experiences will reduce both helpdesk costs and employee frustrations related to frequent password reset requirements.


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