Microsoft Active Directory – Security Self Assesment Guide 2022 by Huy Kha

Active Directory is the backbone of identities for many organizations around the world, but it is
often not managed well, which open the doors for attackers to compromise it in a minute or

It is very expensive to recover an AD, so security needs to be enforced. ADSA contains different
technical security controls and procedures to protect AD on a better state. The goal of ADSA is
to help your team working together to improve the security posture of AD without pitching a
third-party vendor or trying to sell you a security product.


Microsoft provides Active Directory Security Assessments for their customers, which is great, but
unfortunately not everyone has the money nor the people to do these kind of Security Assessment, and since AD is the backbone of identities for many organizations. It is crucial to protect it,

Despite that, I wanted to purely focus on something else than AD. I started to release something
similar as ADSA, but a bit of my own version, which does not mean, that you would immediately
be 100% secure if you follow all of these recommendations. The goal of ADSA is to improve the
security posture of AD and slow down an attacker, while trying to ensure that the recommendations will not break any stuff in production.

Different examples from real world experience has been covered, where I have managed to see
these misconfigurations in production environments.

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