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Metasploit Framework

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Inject Payload into Executable

This document outlines the setup requirements for a lab environment, focusing on the use of Kali Linux as the Pentester Machine and a Windows 10 Machine as the Victim Machine. It discusses the process of searching for executable files on the victim’s PC to facilitate the injection of a Windows payload into a legitimate executable file, specifically targeting the putty.exe file found in the downloads folder.

The introduction of the Peinjector Module is highlighted, emphasizing its functionality in injecting a specified Windows payload into a target executable, in this case, putty.exe. The goal is to execute the payload in the background when the victim interacts with putty, ultimately establishing a session for the attacker.

The document provides detailed steps on setting up the payload injection using the Peinjector Module, specifying the target executable file path and necessary configurations. It explains the process of generating and injecting the payload into putty.exe to create a backdoor for remote access.

Furthermore, it discusses the importance of maintaining stealth and legitimacy to avoid detection by the victim. By using the multi-handler, the attacker can establish a connection back to their machine, leveraging the injected payload to gain control discreetly.

Additionally, the document includes information about Ignite Technologies’ training programs, ranging from beginner to expert levels in various cybersecurity domains such as Network Pentest, Bug Bounty, Ethical Hacking, and Advanced Metasploit. These programs aim to enhance skills in areas like Infrastructure VAPT, Active Directory Attack, and Computer Forensics, among others.

In conclusion, the document serves as a comprehensive guide for setting up a lab environment, injecting payloads into executable files, establishing remote access, and promoting cybersecurity training through Ignite Technologies’ diverse program offerings.


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