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Mastering AWS Security – Create and maintain a secure cloud ecosystem by Albert Anthony

Security in information technology is considered a nerdy or geeky topic, reserved for technologists who know about the nitty-gritty of networks, packets, algorithms, and so on for years. With organizations moving their workloads, applications, and infrastructure to the cloud at an unprecedented pace, security of all these resources has been a paradigm shift for all those who are responsible for security; experts, novices, and apprentices alike.
AWS provides many controls to secure customer workloads and quite often customers are not aware of their share of security responsibilities, and the security controls that they need to own and put in place for their resources in the AWS cloud. This book aims to resolve this problem by providing detailed information, in easy-to-understand language, supported by real-life examples, figures, and screenshots, for all you need to know about security in AWS, without being a geek or a nerd and without having years of experience in the security domain!
This book tells you how you can enable continuous security, continuous auditing, and continuous compliance by automating your security in AWS; with tools, services, and features provided by AWS. By the end of this book, you will understand the complete landscape of security in AWS, covering all aspects of end-to-end software and hardware security along with logging, auditing, and the compliance of your entire IT environment in the AWS cloud. Use the best practices mentioned in this book to master security in your AWS environment.



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