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Malware Analysis Report LOCKBIT 3.0 Ransomware

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The document provides a comprehensive analysis of the LOCKBIT 3.0 ransomware conducted by Yusuf Amr. It begins with an Executive Summary highlighting the threat posed by LOCKBIT 3.0 to organizations globally. This ransomware variant employs advanced encryption techniques, making file decryption without the key challenging. It spreads through phishing emails and malicious websites, evading traditional antivirus software.

The Technical Analysis delves into the malware’s behavior, revealing signs of malicious activity within the ‘.itext’ section and the use of APIs for reconnaissance. The sample is packed, leading to buffer overflow exceptions and debugger evasion through ‘Exception Flooding.’ Suggestions for addressing these issues include patching files with NOP bytes.

Yara rules for detecting LOCKBIT 3.0 are provided, updated by Yusuf Amr on February 28, 2024. The rules aim to identify indicators of the ransomware. The document emphasizes the need for vigilance against this sophisticated threat and the importance of proactive security measures to prevent infection and mitigate risks associated with LOCKBIT 3.0.

Overall, the report serves as a valuable resource for understanding the behavior, characteristics, and detection of LOCKBIT 3.0 ransomware, offering insights into its evasion techniques and encryption methods. Organizations are urged to stay informed about emerging threats like LOCKBIT 3.0 and enhance their cybersecurity posture to safeguard against such malicious attacks.


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