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ISO 27001:2022. ISMS Documented Information

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The document titled “ISMS Documented Information” by Andrey Prozorov focuses on the requirements and recommendations for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) based on ISO 27001:2022 standards. It emphasizes the importance of documented information in ISMS and provides insights into mandatory documented information such as the scope of ISMS, information security policy, risk assessment and treatment processes, Statement of Applicability (SoA), information security objectives, evidence of competence, and more.

The control of documented information, as outlined in ISO 27001:2022, requires that such information is available, protected, and controlled in terms of distribution, storage, changes, and retention. External documented information necessary for the operation of the ISMS must also be identified and controlled appropriately.

Creating and updating documented information involves ensuring proper identification, description, format, and review for suitability and adequacy. Auditors also pay attention to the history of changes and the identities of reviewers and approvers.

The document stresses the tailored approach to statements and writing style based on the audience and scope of the documentation. It highlights the significance of having a General Document Management Policy/Procedure or an ISMS Documented Information Policy to facilitate the certification of an ISMS.

Furthermore, it provides comments on the list of documents, suggesting that they depend on the organization’s approach, size, and stakeholder expectations. It recommends combining topic-specific policies into one document and emphasizes the necessity of mandatory documents for ISMS certification.

In terms of inspiration, the document suggests sources such as ISO standards, good practices, ISO 27001 Toolkits, AI assistants like ChatGPT and Notion AI, and online searches for policy templates. It also touches on information classification, labeling, and techniques for classifying confidential information.

Overall, the document serves as a comprehensive guide for understanding the requirements, controls, and best practices related to documented information in the context of Information Security Management Systems based on ISO 27001:2022 standards.


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