INTRUSION DETECTION GUIDE – The fields leading experts show exactly how to detect, deter, and respond to security threats by PEERLYST

Intrusion Detection Guide

This book will guide readers through the entire spectrum of essential functions and procedures associated with incident response , starting with the basic fundamentals to the industry best practices. By the end of the book, readers will have mastered the tactical approach, from preparing to working through and investigating a Cyber Security Incident.
This is a one-stop guide to help new learners, security analysts , students, professionals, new grads to learn how to handle and analyze information security incidents or acquire the required skills for their next job interview.

CHAPTER 1: Threat Hunting: People, Process and Technology 5
CHAPTER 2: Introduction to Incident Response
and the Incident Handling Process 11
CHAPTER 3: Hunting Using Windows Event Logs 48
CHAPTER 4: Incident Response Teams 56
CHAPTER 5: Attack vectors to Industrial Control Systems 65
CHAPTER 6: Cyber Defense for Industrial Control Systems 66
CHAPTER 7: Hunting Lateral Movement 71
CHAPTER 8: Hunting for powershell abusing 88
CHAPTER 9: Leveraging Machine Learning for Threat Hunting 106
CHAPTER 10: Compliance Frameworks 122
CHAPTER 11: So you want to be a Digital Forensics professional 132

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