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Internal audit — Trusted and disrupted

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In 2019, KPMG published our latest insights into the challenges facing organizations, and the impact this was having upon the IA function. The time was defined by rapid changes in technology, shifting regulations, the emergence of new risks, talent shortages and unprecedented changes in business models; in short, business was going through significant disruption and looking to digital
transformation as the ultimate solution.

Sound familiar?

Fast forward to today’s fast-evolving market and digital transformation is no longer a distant aspiration. It is the new reality, as companies face pressure to grow, while also increasing agility, managing risk, and building resilience for whatever tomorrow holds.

In this game, trust is the coveted ticket to play. When you earn the trust of your stakeholders — from customers and regulators to employees, suppliers, investors, and the communities where you operate — it gives you the permission to innovate boldly, grow responsibly, and create a new future.

Organizations that have successfully navigated the challenges of recent times are optimistic for the times ahead; our recent CEO outlook survey found leaders optimistic about the growth prospects of their company and the global economy in general. The challenge is expected to be in ensuring their culture adapts in line with their operational goals.

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