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Industrial Automation Security Design Guide 2.0

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Protecting industrial automation and controlsystems(IACS) from cyber threatsistop of mind. But converting good intentions to action can be a daunting task. As IACS and underlying networks are often very complex, using legacy technologies and poor security procedures, one could wonder where to start.
For over 15 years, Cisco has been helping industrial organizations around the globe digitize their operations by developing a market-leading networking portfolio that is purpose-built for industrial use cases. Our deep understanding of operational technology requirements plus a comprehensive networking and cybersecurity portfolio is a rare combination.

Cisco’s industrial security architecture simplifies complexity across the network by implementing a model that focuses on the use cases an organization mustsecure. This model treats each use case holistically, focusing on today’s threats and the capabilities needed to secure the operational network against those threats. Cisco has deployed, tested, and validated the solution to provide guidance, complete with configuration steps that ensure effective and secure deployments for our customers.

Target Audience

To successfully connect and secure the industrial environment, allstakeholders must work together. Operational technology (OT) teams understand the industrial environment—the devices, the protocols, and the operational processes. Information technology (IT) teams understand the network. The security team understands threats and vulnerabilities. By working together, these specialists can leverage existing networking and security technologies, tools, and expertise to constantly protect the industrial systems without disrupting production safety and uptime.

The Cisco Industrial Threat Defense solution is intended to be used by IT, OT, and security teams and their
relevant partners and system integrators. Operations will appreciate the ease of use and simple deployment, as well as the broad support of various IACS vendors and protocols. IT network managers will appreciate the ability to apply skills, technology, and applications already deployed in the enterprise when looking to integrate production environments. Security teams will have visibility into industrial assets and security events with context enriched by control engineers.

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