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The Incident Response Form captures essential details related to incident management within an organization. It includes sections such as Incident Response Details, Incident Report Information, Incident Severity, Incident Notification, Incident Recovery Details, Incident Evidence Collection, and Incident Forensics.

  • Incident Response Details: This section outlines the quarantine process, immediate actions taken, root cause analysis, eradication steps, impact assessment on the organization, departments/business units, systems, processes, and customers affected, along with the date/time of incident occurrence and detection.
  • Incident Report Information: It includes the requester’s full name, contact details, role/designation, department, phone number, email ID, incident number/ID, source of incident (internal or external), and dates/times of incident occurrence and detection.
  • Lessons Learned and Recommendations: The form documents lessons learned from the incident, recommendations for improvement in security controls, processes, or policies, and an action plan with specific tasks, responsible parties, and timelines for implementing the recommended improvements.

This comprehensive Incident Response Form ensures a structured approach to incident handling, from initial detection to recovery and post-incident analysis, facilitating a more effective and efficient incident response process.

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