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How well do you know your OT assets?

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10 Ways Asset Visibility Builds The Foundation For OT Cybersecurity

Asset visibility is crucial for effective operational technology (OT) cybersecurity programs, as organizations cannot protect assets they are unaware of. The lack of documentation due to industry consolidation and retiring workforces poses challenges, making manual discovery essential. Dragos recommends the Collection Management Framework for ICS Security Operations to establish asset visibility, emphasizing the importance of recording key asset information like software versions and ownership.

Understanding the normal state of the environment is vital for establishing a baseline and detecting anomalies that could indicate threats. Dragos focuses on safeguarding industrial infrastructure through its software platform, providing critical visibility into ICS and OT networks. The company’s global mission is to protect organizations across various industries from disruptions to critical infrastructure.

Asset visibility aids in justifying security investments by identifying gaps in controls and processes, crucial for risk assessment in industrial operations. It also supports change management by detecting configuration drift and ensuring compliance with regulatory mandates. The process of asset discovery and identification can reveal surprising insights about infrastructure, leading to improved security and operational integrity.


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