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How 2023 cybersecurity budget allocations are shaping up

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Cybersecurity spending in the coming year may not be recession-proof, but it’s likely to be recession-resistant. Still, pressure remains on security leaders to prioritize technologies that generate the most bang for the buck. Forrester released a report Tuesday to help organizations do just that.

“It’s hard to assess what 2023 budgets will look like because most companies are in their budget planning for 2023 now, but I think most companies are taking a cautious approach,” says Forrester Vice President and Research Director Merritt Maxim.

“There might be some growth or flat, with the potential that if there is a more significant downturn next year, then spot cuts may be necessary,” Maxim continues. “For now, though, I don’t see any immediate slashing of budgets in anticipation of macroeconomic conditions.”

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