Hackers attempt to sell personal data of 1.5 million women


The personal information of more than 1.5 million women has been put up for sale on the dark web following an alleged data breach of Indian lingerie brand Zivame.

The alleged data breach was discovered after an advert offering the sale of the personal data stolen during the hack was posted on the dark web and the messaging app Telegram. The sellers, who are claiming to be the malicious actors who stole the data, are offering the entire database for US$500. 

The data for sale includes the names, email addresses, phone numbers and home addresses of more than 1.5 million Zivame customers, the majority of whom are women.

Image source: India Today

According to India Today, the supposed threat actor offered them a sample dataset of 1,500 users including their names, contact details and addresses in order to “verify the credibility of the data”. Using the data provided, India Today was able to confirm that those in the dataset given were Zivame customers. The hacker claimed that the information was not publicly available.

Zivame has not yet publicly addressed the data breach.


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