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Guide to Cyber Security Measures

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Step by step to a digitally secure organisation

The document outlines essential measures for cyber security, emphasizing the importance of regular risk management alongside these measures. It discusses eight fundamental steps that organizations should take to enhance their digital security, including updating software, ensuring sufficient log information, and conducting risk analysis. Additionally, it highlights the significance of organizational embedding of these measures, involving creating awareness of cyber risks at all levels and assigning responsibilities correctly, with a focus on the board of directors’ role in overseeing cyber security tasks.

Furthermore, the guide advises on being prepared for incidents despite implementing security measures, suggesting the inclusion of cyber security incidents in recovery plans and establishing clear agreements with suppliers. It also provides additional resources for organizations to enhance their cyber resilience, such as factsheets on risk management and recommendations for securely purchasing cloud services. The document stresses the need for ongoing risk analysis to address specific digital risks unique to each organization, recommending a tailored approach to control and mitigate these risks effectively.


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