GIR – The Guide to Cyber Investigations.

The Guide to Cyber Investigations is published by Global Investigations Review – the online
home for all those who specialise in investigating and resolving suspected corporate wrongdoing.
It aims to fill a gap in the literature and provide an in-depth guide to every aspect of preparing
for and dealing with data breaches and other cyber incidents. These incidents can be
challenging, to say the least.
As such it is a companion to GIR’s larger reference work, The Practitioner’s Guide to Global
Investigations (now in its fifth edition), which walks readers through the issues raised, and the
risks to consider, at every stage in the life cycle of a corporate investigation, from discovery
to resolution.
The Guide to Cyber Investigations takes the same holistic approach, going through everything
to think about before, during and after an incident. We suggest both books be part of
your library – The Practitioner’s Guide for the whole picture and The Guide to Cyber Investigations
as the close-up.
The Guide to Cyber Investigations is supplied to all GIR subscribers as a benefit
of their subscription. It is also available to non-subscribers in online form only, at
The publisher would like to thank the editors for their energy and vision. We collectively
welcome any comments or suggestions on how to improve it. Please write to us at insight@

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