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Enterprise compliance The Risk Intelligent approach

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The document outlines the importance of compliance in today’s global business landscape, emphasizing the need for organizations to adopt a Risk Intelligent approach to manage compliance risks effectively. It addresses key questions related to compliance responsibilities, integration of functions like compliance, internal audit, HR, risk management, tax, and legal, and the role of the compliance officer. The document also highlights the significance of transparency, communication, and stakeholder engagement in compliance reporting and management.

Furthermore, it delves into the challenges of compliance in a global context, discussing issues such as supply chain complexity, regulatory differences across geographies, and the management of third-party compliance risks. The document stresses the need for organizations to proactively monitor regulatory changes and integrate compliance into their geographical growth strategies.

Moreover, it underscores the importance of a strong compliance culture and code of ethics that can be effectively communicated and enforced throughout the organization. It emphasizes the role of senior business leaders and board members in driving a culture of compliance and ensuring that compliance efforts are integrated with business objectives to deliver real value.

Overall, the document serves as a comprehensive guide for organizations looking to enhance their compliance capabilities and navigate the complex regulatory environment effectively. It provides insights, best practices, and must-ask questions to help organizations develop a robust compliance agenda that supports the entire enterprise and mitigates compliance risks proactively.

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