DLP Data Protection Compliance


Data leaks are a serious problem for organizations every-where and stealing very sensitive information is, all too often, as easy as copying data to a USB thumb drive and walk-ing out the door.

Intentional theft is just one aspect of the problem, however. Far more often, innocent and well-meaning employees lose very sensitive data stored on a laptop hard drive, a mobile phone or device, or a CD-ROM, which can be a very embar-rassing and costly mistake for your organization. News stories of companies and organizations that have compromised cus-tomers’ credit card data, private health records, or classified government information, are far too common.

Whether it’s a lost laptop (left in a taxi cab) or human error (posting sensitive data on a public Web site), the conse-quences of data leaks can be devastating for everyone involved. Naturally, you don’t want your organization to be the next big story — which is why you’re reading this book!

About This Book
This book describes the business, legal, and technical aspects of data leaks. We look at the problem of data leakage, the busi-ness challenges it presents, the legal requirements for protect-ing private data, and the various technical solutions available from security companies such as Sophos.


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