DDoS Attack Threat Landscape trend from Q2 2022 by CLOUDFLARE

Executive Summary
Welcome to the Cloudflare quarterly DDoS report. This report uncovers insights and trends about the DDoS threat landscape observed across the global Cloudflare network in the second quarter of 2022.
During this time period, we recorded some of the largest attacks the world has ever seen, including a 26 million request per second HTTPS DDoS attack that Cloudflare automatically detected and mitigated. Attacks against Ukraine and Russia continued and a new ransom DDoS attack campaign emerged. Increases of both application-layer and network-layer attacks were observed across the board, with
notable changes in industry and geographical targets.
In the sections below, we will outline both application-layer and network-layer DDoS attack insights to better prepare and inform organizations like yours for what comes next. An interactive version of this report is also available on Cloudflare Radar.

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