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What is a Cyber Security Framework?
These documents describe guidelines, standards, and best practices for cyber security risk management. These frameworks reduce an organization’s exposure to weaknesses and vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit. The word ‘Framework’ may seem like it is referred to some hardware, but it is not. It is, as mentioned before, a document. This document gives us information that deals with the infrastructure of servers, data storage, etc.

It is more like a structure, whereas we see the building standing tall in real life. It’s all due to a solid system. But, when it comes to cyber security, the Cyber Security Framework is there to provide the foundation strength the servers need to be protected from cyberattacks.

Types of Security Frameworks
There are mainly three types of frameworks. Each of the types has its different functions. Those three types are-

  • Control Frameworks − This framework is known to develop an essential strategy for the cyber security department of an organization. Along with this, it provides an array of security controls, understands the present state of the technology being used, and ensures that these security controls are implemented second to none.
  • Program Frameworks − This framework analyses the state of the organization’s security program. This also helps develop a customized cybersecurity program, measures the program’s security, and goes through competitive analysis. Along with this, it also simpli es the communication between the cyber security team and the managers.
  • Risk Frameworks − These frameworks suggest essential risk assessment and management processes. It helps in structuring a security program, identifying and measuring an organization’s security risks, and prioritizing security measures and activities.

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