CYBERSECURITY The Ultimate Hiring Guide by Stanton house

This guide is intended to help talent partners and hiring managers build effective Cybersecurity teams. This guide covers everything, from budgeting and job specification, through to interview and offer.
We hope you find this guide informative and look forward to discussing how we can support you.

What to expect in this guide
We will guide you through the budgets necessary to ensure your roles (and associated compensation packages) remain competitive in the current climate. We will also provide guidance on writing effective job descriptions, interviewing, along with navigating the offer stage and onboarding period.

Many employers have established internal Talent Acquisition teams to work on the recruitment of professionals across their entire organization. We appreciate, however, that these teams can find it extremely difficult to recruit Cybersecurity talent.
The knowledge needed to find, vet and onboard the right individuals, depending on the open role, requires a deep understanding of the current security market and a thorough awareness of the skill sets needed to match the company’s needs.
What’s more, demand for security talent shows no signs of abating and competition for the very best talent is fierce as talent shortages, for specific skillsets, remain prevalent across the US.
We have spent years building our network of Cybersecurity talent and pride ourselves on the rigorous and thorough assessment of all of our candidates. Because of this, we can guide you through every step of the recruitment process, ensuring a perfect match for you, your team and your organization.

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