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The Security Report 2024 by Check Point Software provides a comprehensive analysis of global cyber security trends and threats. It emphasizes the importance of learning from past patterns to build resilient strategies for the future. The report highlights the rise of ransomware zero-days, the risks associated with hacktivism, and the urgent need for organizations to adapt to new security measures.

One notable campaign discussed in the report involved the use of VBScript-embedded OneNote files to distribute Emotet DLL malware. This campaign targeted victims during the tax season deadlines in the United States, showcasing the evolving tactics used by threat actors. Additionally, researchers at Check Point developed ‘Deep PDF’ search capabilities to identify malicious links, URL placements, and image placements in PDF files, enhancing their ability to combat phishing campaigns and spam.

The report also sheds light on high-profile global vulnerabilities, malware families like Qbot and Raccoon, and the exploitation of edge devices in cyber attacks. It underscores the critical role of proactive identification of emerging trends and understanding threat actor methodologies in developing effective cyber security programs. As technology evolves rapidly, the insights shared in the report serve as a roadmap for navigating the cyber security landscape in 2024 and beyond, empowering security leaders to stay ahead of cyber adversaries.

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