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The document outlines the importance of reporting cyber security incidents to the CERT.be department, emphasizing the need for organizations to voluntarily report incidents to prevent attacks and track threat trends. It highlights the significance of providing essential information such as contact details, incident type, and date for effective reporting. Additionally, it discusses the concepts of Rootkit and SNORT, explaining how Rootkit serves as malicious software for unauthorized access and concealment, while SNORT functions as an intrusion detection and prevention system for networks.

Furthermore, the document delves into the Incident Handling process, emphasizing the crucial steps of Convening the response team, Situational awareness, Containing the incident, Eradicating and cleaning up, and ultimately Recovering from the incident. It stresses the importance of promptly reporting major security incidents to top management and conducting annual reports to analyze organizational risks effectively.

Moreover, it addresses the handling of compromised personal data, emphasizing the clear and comprehensive notification of affected individuals. It also discusses the strategy for communication during a cyber security incident, highlighting the coordination of internal and external communications with legal and public relations representatives for effective crisis management.


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