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Cyber Incident Response Addressing Challenges andStrengthening Resilience

The current cybersecurity landscape poses significant challenges that fetters the effectiveness of cyber incident reporting. There is underreporting of incidents, inconsistent reporting standards, limited information sharing, complex regulatory requirements, geopolitical volatility. Alongside, rapidly evolving
threat landscape impede accurate threat assessment, information sharing, and collaborative response to cyber incidents.

In light of these challenges, the point of view paper addresses the intricacies of the evolving cyber landscape, explores the impact of geopolitics on cyberspace, and examines the vulnerabilities and
challenges specific to the Indian cyberspace.

The paper outlines the phases of incident response and provides recommendations for organizations to
devise a comprehensive cyber incident response strategy. It ingeminates the challenges faced by IT security teams in managing the multitude of cybersecurity technologies. The complexity of multiple
security products from different vendors and the overwhelming number of alerts generated pose significant difficulties for organizations, it is further exacerbated by the scarcity of cybersecurity skills. This fragmented approach leads to silos in security data and gaps in threat detection and response.


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