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Common TTPs of attacks against industrial organizations. Implantsfor uploading data

This is the third part of our research based on an investigation of a series of attacks against industrial organizations in Eastern Europe.

The attackers aimed to establish a permanent channel for data exfiltration, including data stored on air-gapped systems.

In total we have identified over 15 implants and their variants planted by the threat actor(s) in various combinations.

The entire stack of implants used in attacks can be divided into three categories based on their roles:

  • First-stage implants for persistent remote access and initial data gathering
  • Second-stage implants for gathering data and files, including from airgapped systems
  • Third-stage implants and tools used to upload data to C2

In this part we present information on the four types of implants and two tools used during the last (third) stage of the attacks discovered. The third-stage implants were deployed by the threat actor(s) via the first-stage, as well as the second-stage, implant.

Third-stage implants have much in common with the first-stage implants, including the use of a cloud-based data storage (e.g. Dropbox, Yandex Disk), code obfuscation, and the implementation of DLL hijacking techniques.

The full report is available on the Kaspersky Threat Intelligence portal.

For more information please contact ics-cert@kaspersky.com.


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