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Cloud Security for Dummies, Oracle 3rd Special Edition

Change is a constant in information technology. In 2019, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center
(IC3) ( www.fbi.gov/news/stories/2019-internetcrime-report-released-021120 ) saw both the highest
number of complaints and the highest dollar losses reported since the center was established in May 2000, recording more than $3.5 billion in losses to individual and business victims. Just a few years ago, concerns about security and privacy prevented some organizations from adopting cloud strategies. Today, many of these concerns have been alleviated and organizations are now aggressively moving their infrastructure, devices, applications, and data to the cloud to leverage the robust security offered by some cloud providers. In fact, there is growing consensus that the cloud can actually be more secure than many on-premises environments.

The key is to choose the right technology — one that is designed to protect users, safeguard data, and help better address certain regulatory compliance requirements. In this book, you learn why enterprises rely on advanced and complete cloud services to transform fundamental business processes more quickly and confidently than ever before.


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