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CISA Security Planning Workbook 508 Compliant

The workbook can be used by individuals involved with your organization’s security planning efforts; security expertise is not required to complete this workbook. This document can be used by anyone affiliated with your organization, including individuals or groups with varying degrees of security expertise, charged with the safety and security of your facilities and people. The purpose of this security planning workbook is to compile key information that can be used to assist you with building a comprehensive security plan. The process of creating a security plan should not be rushed. The information entered in the workbook can be saved; users should work at their own pace.

While some sections and fields within this workbook may not apply to your unique site, every organization should develop and implement a comprehensive security approach to protect its people, property, visitors, and customers. The workbook is flexible and scalable to suit any type of business or organization. The workbook also provides descriptions of critical elements of security planning information, resources, and fillable fields to guide your efforts. As information in this workbook is filled out, your document should be securely saved and stored; follow your organizations information handling requirements.


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