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Bloodhound Active Directory Enumeration Tool

BloodHound is designed to generate graphs that reveal hidden and relationship within an Active Directory Network.BloodHound also supports Azure. BloodHound enables the attackers to identify complex attack paths that would otherwise be impossible to identify. The Blue Team can use BloodHound to identify and fix those same attack patterns.

Linux Installation
Some multiple guides and methods can help you set up and install Bloodhound on your host machine. We will be following the official documents of BloodHound that can be found on their GitHub but refining the process. As always, before installing any tool on your Linux machine, it is recommended to perform an update and upgrade your software packages. Also, for any reason, if you don’t have Java installed, install java to continue. We won’t be installing Java as we are working on Kali Linux, which comes preinstalled with Java. Configuring Bloodhound is a 3-step process. BloodHound has a GUI, data scrapper, and a neo4j database. This means that we need to configure them individually. We start with the Bloodhound GUI, which can be installed directly using the apt command.


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