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Artificial Intelligence Risk Management Framework

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Generative Artificial Intelligence Profile

The document “NIST AI 600-1, Artificial Intelligence Risk Management Framework: Generative Artificial Intelligence Profile” outlines a comprehensive framework for managing risks associated with generative artificial intelligence. It covers various aspects such as glossary terms, risk categorization, and actions to govern, map, measure, and manage risks effectively. The document emphasizes the importance of documenting AI model details, measuring and reporting outcomes, verifying calibration and robustness of explanation techniques, and establishing clear roles and responsibilities for incident response in GAI systems involving multiple organizations. It also highlights the significance of developing policies for monitoring impact assessments, establishing terms of use and service, and promoting transparency through standardized incident reporting in the AI ecosystem. Additionally, it addresses the involvement of AI actors in incident reporting, reproducibility techniques, re-evaluation of models, and reviewing service level agreements and contracts related to third-party intellectual properties. The framework aims to enhance transparency, accountability, and risk management practices in the deployment and operation of generative artificial intelligence systems.

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