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Android Security Research Book

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Android security research plays a major role in the world of cybersecurity that we live in today. As of 2024, Android has a 71.74% global market share of mobile operating systems’ according to Stat Counter. There are presently 3.3 billion Android OS users in the world according to Business of Apps. With the advent of new tools and frameworks, understanding the landscape of Android-based vulnerabilities and exposures has become more important than ever before.

We’ve created the Android Security Research Playbook (ASRP) as a getting started guide for security researchers to follow, equipping them with the tools and processes to conduct their research successfully. The ASRP isn’t all-inclusive of every tool, approach, or method that can be employed; but, it provides recommendations for each stage of the process to help security researchers progress with their research. The stages of the ASRP are summarized below.

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