5G Cybersecurity – Telecom Cybersecurity – Decoding the ecosystem and its vulnerabilities by SecurityGen – Telecom Security

5G Decoding the ecosystem and its vulnerabilities by SecurityGen - Telecom Security

The adoption of 5G is set to transform global connectivity and spark large-scale disruption in telecommunications and IoT (Internet of Things).
Projected to add USD 1.3 TN to the worldwide GDP by 2030, 5G networks are making it possible for billions of different devices to connect and interact with each other at speeds that are 10x faster and with lower latency.
However, with all the excitement around the many benefits that 5G offers, it is easy to forget that this ground-breaking technology requires the simultaneous management of multiple networks — 3G, 4G, and 5G, and new technologies, each with their own complexities and vulnerabilities.
As we pursue a more digitally connected future, anticipating the demands of 5G security while mitigating and managing existing threats will become critical to providing network security and ensuring customer trust.Therefore, understanding 5G security implications is crucial to our ability to secure the ecosystem of devices and applications that sprout from that network. Also, we need to know how network operators and organizations can manage these challenges and build a 5G network based on trust and security.
Over the past half year, we have worked closely with our clients as they prepared and rolled out 5G networks. And during these engagements, we identified a list of issues and possible threat vectors which could tamper with network security. In this edition, we will discuss these security challenges under two heads – business and technical issues.


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