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2024 Cyber Security Report by Checkpoint

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Welcome to the Check Point 2024 Cyber Security Report. In 2023, the world of cyber security witnessed significant changes, with the nature and scale of cyber attacks evolving rapidly. This year, we saw cyber threats stepping out from the shadows of the online world into the spotlight, grabbing the attention of everyone from government agencies to the general public.

The reasons behind these attacks have become as varied as the methods used. Ransomware remained a major threat, with attackers not just after money, but also seeking recognition. Ransomware attacks exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities while using shame sites for publicly revealing who their victims are became more popular, turning ransomware into a sort of competition among cybercriminals. The cost of
these attacks went beyond just paying the ransom, with companies like MGM, DP World, and the British Library facing huge expenses to rebuild their systems.

We also saw an increase in hacktivism, where hackers are driven by political or social causes. This type of hacking, once a tool for individual activists, is now being used by governments as a way to attack adversaries indirectly. This was especially noticeable in the wake of events like the Russo-Ukraine war and the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Attackers found new ways to break into systems, with devices like routers and switches becoming easy targets. Big organizations, including Okta and 23AndMe, were hit by attacks that used stolen login details or malicious software.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) played a bigger role in cyber attacks this year. Attackers started using AI tools to make their phishing campaigns more effective. However, the good news is that AI is also being used by cyber defenders to better protect against these threats.

There were some wins against cybercriminals too. Law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, made progress in taking down major threats like the Hive Ransomware network and the Qbot infrastructure. But the comeback of some of these groups reminds us that the fight against cybercrime is ongoing.

This report looks back at the major cyber security events of 2023, offering insights and analysis to help understand and prepare for the challenges ahead. Our goal is to provide valuable information to organizations, policy makers, and cyber security professionals, helping them to build stronger defenses in an increasingly digital world.

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