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2023 Mobile Banking Heists Report

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Zimperium’s latest research explores a dynamic and expanding threat landscape by meticulously analyzing 29 banking malware families and associated trojan applications. This year alone, the research team identified 10 new active families, signifying the continued investment from threat actors in targeting mobile banking applications. The 19 adversaries who persist from last year reveal new capabilities that show a relentless pursuit of financial exploitation. Traditional banking applications remain the prime target, with a staggering 1103 apps —accounting for 61% of the targets—while the emerging FinTech and Trading apps are now in the crosshairs, making up the remaining 39%. It is undeniable that these sophisticated banking trojan threats have a global impact, with 61 countries grappling with them.

New Banking Malware Families

Listed below are the ten new banking malware families Zimperium reviewed and some key characteristics.

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