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2023 Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report

The Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report is proudly celebrating its tenth year.

Since the report debuted in 2013, it has garnered over 15,000 downloads and has benefited thousands of users with detailed data analysis and expert findings.

This 10-year anniversary edition of the report dissects the 2022 Microsoft vulnerabilities data and highlights some of the key shifts since the inaugural report. This report will spotlight some of the most significant CVEs of 2022 (9.0+ CVSS severity scores), break down how they are leveraged by attackers, and explain how they can be prevented or mitigated.

A panel of some of the world’s leading cybersecurity experts will weigh in on the report findings. We will also have a special AI guest weigh in as we look ahead to how the next decade of threats, vulnerabilities, and cyber defenses may unfold.

Read on to better understand, identify, and address the risks within the Microsoft ecosystem.


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