2022 Global Digital Trust Insights – The C-suite guide to simplifyng for cyber readiness today and tomorrow by PWC

Investments continue to pour into cybersecurity. Sixty-nine percent of organisations predict a rise
in cyber spending in 2022 compared to 55% last year. More than a quarter (26%) predict cyber
spending hikes of 10% or more; only 8% percent said that last year.
Organisations know that risks are increasing. More than 50% expect a surge in reportable incidents next year above 2021 levels.
Already, 2021 is shaping up to be one of the worst on record for cybersecurity. Ever more sophisticated attackers are plumbing the dark corners of our systems and networks, seeking — and finding — vulnerabilities. Whatever the nature of an organisation’s digital Achilles’ heel — an unprotected server containing 50 million records, for example, or a flaw in the code controlling access to crypto wallets — attackers will use every means at their disposal, traditional as well as ultra-sophisticated, to exploit it.
The consequences for an attack rise as our systems’ interdependencies grow more and more complex. Critical infrastructures are especially vulnerable. And yet, many of the breaches we’re seeing are still preventable with sound cyber practices and strong controls.

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