10 WAYS TO IMPROVE AD SECURITY QUICKLY – list of widely applicable “easy” wins for securing MS AD by TRIMARC

In June of 2022, Trimarc hosted a webinar titled “Top 10 Ways to Improve Active Directory Security
Quickly” presented by Sean Metcalf (@PyroTek3), Tyler Robinson (@tyler_robinson), and Darryl Baker
The webcast covered several Active Directory attacks and configurations from Blue, Red, and Purple
team perspectives to help illustrate why Trimarc makes some of our recommendations in our Active
Directory Security Assessment (ADSA) and Enterprise Security Posture (ESP) services. In the webinar,
our team demonstrated some of the most valuable recommendations that can be implemented in the
least amount of time. From that webinar, we’ve created the following white paper on improving Active
Directory (AD) security quickly.
A slide deck and a recording of the webcast can be found here:

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