Why UnionDigital Bank invests in an AI-driven approach to cybersecurity

The data-reliance of digital banking means an AI-driven approach to cybersecurity and risk management is integral to success, UnionDigital Bank CISO Dominic Grunden tells CSO. For him and his team, this took on greater significance given the speed at which UnionDigital Bank was created to empower the Philippines’ digital economy. The bank enables the Filipino people, communities, businesses, problem solvers, and regulators to leverage digital banking, fintech, blockchain, and open-finance technologies. It was established in just five months, a timescale unheard of in the banking industry, Grunden says.

From the get-go, Grunden recognized the need to adopt an AI-first security policy to keep pace with both the unprecedented growth of the company and the complexities of the digital banking sphere. Key to achieving this has been a seamless relationship with the firm’s Chief Data Officer (CDO), Dr. David R. Hardoon. Working together, the two used autonomous technology to instill a “truly holistic” AI-enhanced security and risk management strategy.

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