Weekly Update 307

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A very early weekly update this time after an especially hectic week. The process with the couple of data breaches in particular was a real time sap and it shouldn’t be this hard. Seriously, the amount of effort that goes into trying to get organisations to own their breach (or if they feel strongly enough about it, help attribute it to another party) is just nuts. It’s not getting any better either ? Regardless, listen to how these couple went and as always, if you’ve got any bright ideas about how to make this process less painful then I’d love to hear them.


The 3D models of Looney Toons characters are so cool! (were you looking for a “good” reason to get a 3D printer? ?)The bloke behind some nasty stalkerware has now been charged (how he managed to run this for 9 years is a bit beyond me…)Just read the mSpy website about how by design, it’s intended to evade detection and run surreptitiously (“think of the children” is a rubbish excuse)Speaking of thinking of the children, here’s how to do it right (native controls, conversations with your kids and simply being present)There’s lots of pointed to Tuned Global being involved in a breach (the way those dots line up with JB Hi-Fi’s music service is the real smoking gun)I ended up doing a long tweet thread on the QuestionPro breach right after this week’s video (I’ve also now removed the “unverified” flag)Ah, spammer hell ? (as I say in the vid, some tweaking of my initial email response is probably required to maximise the success rate)Sponsored by: Cloudflare. Speed up and protect your apps, APIs and websites with the world’s fastest DNS. Add CDN, SSL, WAF, bot management and much more.Leer másTroy Hunt


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