This list is just a part of the list of interesting books found in the global market, if anyone wants to contribute others that are not here to add them to the list, welcome, please add them in the comments.

The list of recommended books:

1. Practical Internet of Things Security. Brian Russell , Drew Van Duren
2. Mobile Application Security.
3. Ransomware: Defending Against Digital Extortion. Timothy Gallo
4. Enterprise Cybersecurity
5. DDoS Attacks
6.The Art of Invisibility
7.Cyber Security on Azure
8.Why CISOs Fail
9.Security Information and Event Management
10.Effective Cybersecurity
12.Cybersecurity and Cyberwar
13.The Frugal CISO
14.Human Dimensions of Cybersecurity
15.PRAGMATIC Security Metrics
16. Malware Analyst’s Cookbook
17. Advanced Persistent Threat Hacking
18. Data and Goliath
19. Cognitive Hack
20. We Have Root
21. Deteccion de intrusos,
22. Future Crimes
24.El Arte de la Guerra” SUN TZU
25. Beacoming a Global Chief Security Officer
26. Designing and Building a SOC.

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