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Perception Point launches managed security service to help eliminate web browser threats

Perception Point has announced the launch of a new managed security service designed to eliminate web browser threats to organizations. According to the firm, Perception Point Advanced Browser Security adds managed, enterprise-grade security to native Chrome and Edge browsers allowing users to browse the web or access SaaS applications without exposing enterprise data to risk. The release is reflective of a growing trend of security products coming to market to provide advanced security for native browsers.

Advanced Browser Security designed to isolate, detect and remediate web threats

In a press release, Perception Point said the new solution fuses patented browser security technology powered by web isolation platform Hysolate, which it acquired earlier this year, and its own multi-layer detection engines. This combination delivers the ability to isolate, detect and remediate threats from the web, including phishing, ransomware, malware and APTs. Advanced Browser Security also secures access to sensitive corporate apps via an isolated, trusted Chrome or Edge browser, the firm added.

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