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Google Adds Passkey Support to New Titan Security Key  – Source: www.securityweek.com

Source: www.securityweek.com – Author: Eduard Kovacs

Google this week launched a new version of its Titan security key, which adds support for passkeys.

The Titan security key is a phishing-resistant two-factor authentication device that works with an increasing number of applications. 

Google has now launched new USB-A and USB-C models that will both provide NFC capabilities. They will replace current models.

As for passkeys, which aim to eliminate the use of passwords, the new Titan security keys allow users to store more than 250 unique passkeys. 

Google has been on a mission to replace passwords with passkeys, recently adding support to all Google accounts

Passkeys leverage FIDO2 credentials and cryptography, enabling users to easily and securely log in to their accounts. 

“We’re excited about the potential of passkeys, but know there’s no security silver bullet for everyone. Some people require a solution not dependent on smartphones or use devices that don’t support passkeys — everyone has different approaches to security, but we all share one goal: stop attacks. That’s why we intentionally designed the latest Titan Security Keys to encompass the secure cryptography of passkeys on a portable piece of hardware,” Google said. 

The internet giant has committed to giving out 100,000 security keys for free in 2024 to high-risk users around the world. 

The price of a Titan security key starts at $30. 

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