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Casino cyberattacks put a bullseye on Scattered Spider – and the FBI is closing in – Source: go.theregister.com

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Source: go.theregister.com – Author: Team Register

Interview The cyberattacks against Las Vegas casinos over the summer put a big target on the backs of prime suspects Scattered Spider, according to Mandiant CTO Charles Carmakal.

The Google-owned security biz has been tracking the loosely knit crew – believed to be teens and twenty-somethings located in the US and UK – since 2022 when they kicked off SIM swapping and social engineering attacks. 

But the gang’s more recent turn to ransomware, data theft, and high-profile casino cyber-heists, which nearly shutdown MGM Resorts’ hotel and casino biz for a week, raised the stakes and turned law enforcement’s attention to the predatory arachnid-themed crew.

“It certainly got the attention that is warranted after the casino attacks,” Carmakal said in an interview with The Register you can see below.

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Carmakal also discussed how the crew’s techniques and motivations differ from the typical extortion group — and the lasting impact Scattered Spider will likely have on the cybercrime landscape.

The FBI has indicated that prosecutors are getting closer to charging people involved in the digital intrusions linked to Scattered Spider. 

“There have been some arrests,” Carmakal told us, and while he won’t put a timeline on when he expects to see any suspects being hauled into court, “I do anticipate we will eventually hear good news.” ®

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