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Biden Campaign Looking for CISO – Source: www.securityweek.com

Source: www.securityweek.com – Author: Ryan Naraine

The Biden for President campaign is searching for a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to lead its IT and security division.

The campaign said the incoming cybersecurity chief will work to “define the organization’s risk appetite” and direct the formulation and execution of strategic cybersecurity and IT initiatives across the campaign. 

Back in 2020, the campaign hired former White House cybersecurity adviser Chris DeRusha as its first CISO amidst reports that hackers linked to foreign adversaries routinely target politicians and political campaigns.

A job listing from the Biden for President campaign said the incoming CISO will lead both IT and security teams and provide technical direction on and drive a secure architecture plan, consisting of many campaign IT & Technology systems. 

“[The CISO will] ensure each system is secure, as well as the interactions between systems.”

The political campaign’s incoming CISO will manage incident response programs, provide guidance on cybersecurity drills and lead its engagement strategy with third-party vendors to uphold high cybersecurity standards.

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